Black History Fact:

Day Clean's Amir Jamal Toure is the male model used to create the African American Monument that was erected on historic Riverstreet in Savannah, Georgia! When you book Day Clean to perform at your event you will get an authentic historian who will entertain AND educate your audience.







It’s a New Day for tours in Savannah, Hilton Head,  Riceboro, and  the Lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina –“Day Clean Journeys”.  


We take you on journeys through time.  Get a full view of the history regarding the above areas on one of our journeys (tours). We pride ourselves on providing “Tours for Everyone”!  Anyone can and will enjoy our tours.

We provide stimulating, informative, and enlightening journeys. You may even become a little inspired after a journey. Students and Teachers, Families,Religious Groups,Youth Organizations, Conference Attendees, Senior Citizens, Friends, and Others have been enthralled by our journeys. We are sure that you will be enthralled, also.


Where will the Journey take you?

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